All of our summer courses are Monday through Friday from June to August.

Software Engineering

Intro Course2 Weeks
Learn how to build a web app with HTML, CSS, and Ruby. Beginners welcome!
Advanced Course2 Weeks
Build complex web applications with the same tools professional developers use everyday. Prerequisite: Intro to Software Engineering
Software Engineering Certificate4 Weeks
Combines the Intro and Advanced Software Engineering Courses for a more comprehensive introduction to front-end and back-end technologies.

Web Design

Intro Course2 Weeks
Master the fundamentals of website design in this course for beginner and intermediate students.
Advanced Course2 Weeks
Learn JavaScript to build exciting interactive websites. Prerequisite: Intro to Web Design
Web Design Certificate4 Weeks
Combines the Intro and Advanced Web Design courses for a more in depth look at front-end web design and development.

Full Stack Developer

Junior4 Weeks
An intro to front-end and back-end technologies with Intro to Web Design + Intro to Software Engineering.
Senior8 Weeks
Combines all 4 Software Engineering and Web Design courses for web development deep dive.

Start-Up Entrepreneurship

Intro Course2 Weeks
Students will work with students in the programming classes to develop products with robust business plans.

Courses In New York City

Courses and workshops are held at our Manhattan Campus and at select partner high schools. Get in touch to bring Flatiron Pre-College courses and workshops to your school.

Summer Courses

Our intensive summer courses are full-time and explore programming topics in depth. Students can enroll in one two-week course or combine courses into a certificate track of up to eight weeks.

School Year Courses

School year courses are flexible to fit our students’ busy schedules. Courses range from two to twelve weeks long and meet after school and on weekends.


Workshops are one-off lessons that focus on a specific area of technology, like building a website or flying a drone with code.

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Why Code?

Build Apps and Websites

Students use the web’s most popular technologies to build things that matter to them.

Join the Flatiron Community

Code is not just for people who like math. Our students come from different backgrounds—and they are aspiring, artists, scientists, politicians, and entrepreneurs.

Start a Future in Tech

Flatiron students can take the skills that are powering our future to college and beyond.

Meet the Instructors

Victoria Friedman

Victoria is a Lead Instructor at Flatiron School Pre-College Academy. Previously, she was working as a Lead Rails Developer at Time, Inc. She grew up reading, writing, and playing sports. She graduated from university with a degree in English literature and a four-year tenure on the Women's Varsity Lacrosse team. After a year working in publishing, she enrolled in the Flatiron School's Web Development program.

Danny Fenjves

Danny is a Lead Instructor at Flatiron School Pre-College Academy. Before joining Flatiron School, he was working at Google. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Danny moved to the US to study public policy at Duke University. After teaching math and science for two years in inner city New Orleans public schools, Danny attended the Flatiron School and became a founding teacher on the K-12 education team.

Lyel Resner

Lyel is currently the Director of K-12 and Social Impact at the Flatiron School and an Adjunct Professor at NYU Stern, where he teaches Social Innovation. Lyel received his masters as a Reynolds Fellow in Social Entrepreneurship in Business, Media & Technology, and Education, and holds degrees in Physics and Political Science from MIT. He is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, and currently serves on the boards of The Center for Social Innovation and The Bronx Academy for Software Engineering.


Flatiron not only taught me how to code. It also gave me opportunities to teach and meet an awesome group of people!

Allyson Young Student

I have never seen my daughter more excited to get up every morning to go to school. Flatiron has opened up an entire new world for her.

Hope Taitz Mom